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Sean Taylor On Draft Day, April 24

On what he brings to the safety position:

"I'm a player who's going to come in and work hard every day and in games make plays."

On whether he had any idea Washington would draft him:

"I had Cleveland calling me when the Giants were up with the fourth pick. After I talked to the Browns, I talked to the Washington Redskins and they let me know they were going to pick me. But at the last minute, everything has changed."

On whether he talked to Kellen Winslow, Jr., about who among the two of them would be drafted first:

"That was the question around. All you can do is really sit back and wait. That's the only way you can go about it. And that's what I did. I just sat back and was patient. And the Redskins picked me."

On why University of Miami (Fla.) players are so successful in the NFL:

"We produce great talent and great players--a lot of players with leadership."

On whether it felt unusual to have the Redskins' decision to draft him come down to between him and Kellen Winslow, Jr., a teammate:

"No. It was all fine. It was a point where you're getting rewarded for all of your hard work. It was never like that."

On if he enjoys playing on special teams:

"Yes I do. I played special teams in college, so I should play it at the next level."

On what Cleveland told him about trying to move up to draft him:

"They said they were trying to get in front of the Giants."

On whether he's gotten feedback from Clinton Portis about playing for the Redskins:

"He called me. He was one of the first ones to call me and congratulate me coming to the Redskins."

On what he feels he does best on defense:

"I love interceptions and getting a chance to get my hands on the ball and take it back for a touchdown for the defense. That's when I'm most excited, when I get an interception."

On what the draft day was like for him:

"It was quick. There wasn't a lot of time in between picks. It seemed like it happened real fast. It was a great experience. I'm really excited."

On his impressions of Coach Gibbs when he met him:

"He's a great coach and has a lot of experience in the game. I'm sure all of the experience that he has, everyone on the Redskins team can use to their utmost ability."

On Gregg Williams' defense and whether it's similar to his defense at Miami:

"It's pretty much the same with a few twists. It's not a big difference."

On going up against Jeremy Shockey twice a year:

"I think the whole experience of the NFL is going to be a very good experience for me. I can't wait to play and I can't wait to get going--it'll be exciting."

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