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Seven Things We've Learned About Kyshoen Jarrett This Offseason

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As players take their final breaks before training camp, The Redskins Blog will take a look back at the new faces from this offseason and what we've learned about them, football and otherwise, so far.

Today, we'll focus on rookie safety Kyshoen Jarrett.

1. He may be undersized, but he brings it:If some of the Redskins rookies don't necessarily have the height and weight typically associated with football players, general manager Scot McCloughan made sure they had the physicality and passion to make up for it.

Check out images of rookie safety Kyshoen Jarrett during his first few months with the Washington Redskins.

"He's 5-foot-10 but when he brings it he brings it," head coach Jay Gruden said. "He's a tough guy. I think he's going to be very good on special teams and he's going to have to try to work his way into the lineup. But, very physical player, very productive player at Virginia Tech, and we like what we saw on tape. And we like his demeanor and the way he plays. Physically tough, makes up for not being 6-foot-2 or 6-foot-1 by his physical toughness and his ability to play special teams."

2. Beamer Ball is real for Jarrett:Unfamiliar with the term? Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer was notorious for coaching some of the best special teams units in the country, using the part of the game most people feel is a second thought and turning it into a scoring capability every game.

"[Special teams is] nothing new. I'll still have to attack it 100 percent, 100 miles per hour, just as if I was in college at Virginia Tech," Jarrett said. "But Beamer Ball is real. It definitely is real. You don't really get to understand it unless you're within that system."

3. Jarrett knows he has to battle:This should be the mindset of every rookie as they enter a new level of competition. It's nice to hear Jarrett is committed to improving every aspect of his game.

"Yeah, I'll definitely have to battle. I'm going to go out there and do what I have to do in the film room, talking to the coaches, special teams, defense. Whatever I have to do to get that playing time, and I'm going to go out there and compete every day, show that effort. Everything will work out for the best. I'm just going to continue being me, and do what got me here in the first place."

4. Jarrett was pretty even-keeled during the draft process:Nobody would have judged Jarrett if he got a little antsy on the third day of the NFL Draft. But the safety believed in his abilities and was confident he would find a home. The Redskins affirmed his faith.

"I mean I was just open-minded throughout the whole process. I wasn't trying to really down myself in any way or big up myself. I was pretty much even-kill. It was a great experience, and to get that call, that was even greater."

5. He played corn hole for the first time in his life in June:There are firsts for everyone at the NFL level, but you would have thought Jarrett had played corn hole at least once in his life – at a tailgate or something! Visiting the Quantico Marine Corps base, he had a chance to discover the game.  

"It's my first time ever playing corn hole, but you know I'm enjoying myself. I'm having fun with the guys, but it's still competitive even though you know it's kind of on the easy side of everything we do."

6. Jarrett describes himself as very physical and can play any position in the secondary:Maybe this can be credited to Beamer Ball and the versatility needed to play at multiple positions as a defender at Virginia Tech, but Jarrett doesn't seem to be pigeon-holed as a safety with the Redskins.

"I feel like I'm very athletic, in terms of what I can do," he said. "I'm very tough, very physical. Like we mentioned before, the special teams, I was able to do it whether it was punt return, kick return. Having experience at Virginia Tech, I'm a physical safety. I can play the nickel, play the corner. It doesn't really matter. A DB is a DB. It's just fun for me. So whatever you ask me to do, I'll do."

7. Jarrett has spent the majority of his life caring for his brother:One of the struggles and joys Jarrett has experienced for most of his life has been through his brother, Daishawn, a triplegic who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. Jarrett grew up in Tannersville, Pa., about 200 miles away from Redskins Park, and continues to provide care when he can.

"I say it did keep me grounded and kept me in my place and definitely saved me from a lot, because high school has a lot of temptations," Jarrett said to of being by his brother's side. "But me staying home and just having to take care of him, it just made sure I was in the right spot, at the right place at the right time. ... I'm definitely not disappointed in the fact that I wasn't able to go out and stuff like that."




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