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Shanahan Addresses Moss Situation


Head coach Mike Shanahan met Wednesday with Santana Moss and said that he did not anticipate a suspension of the veteran NFL receiver who has been linked to a Canadian doctor charged with smuggling and distributing human growth hormone (HGH).

"I sat down and talked to Santana earlier today and went through a bunch of situations that have happened to him and I feel really good about where he's at, real good that he'll be – I don't know if vindicated is the word – but I think when people find out all the facts, everything will be okay," Shanahan said.

Moss chose not to talk about his relationship with Dr. Anthony Galea.

"Me and coach Shanahan went over everything and where we're at," Moss said, referring any further questions to Shanahan.

Shanahan said he had not talked to the NFL about Moss. HGH is banned by the NFL but the league currently does not test for it as a performance-enhancing drug.

"There's an investigation going on but I feel very good about the situation," Shanahan said.

At a news conference Tuesday at the NFL's spring meeting, Commissioner Roger Goodell said he expected to continue fact-finding.

"We're going to pursue all the information that has been publicly available," Goodell said. "We don't take these issues lightly."

Asked if he thought he needed to worry about a possible suspension, Shanahan said: "No, I don't."

Other players said Moss had told them he had been treated by Galea but never knowingly with HGH.

"The doc treated so many players. I don't know why Santana's name got tied to it," cornerback Carlos Rogers said. "We're not worried about it. I don't think 'Tana's worried about it."

The federal complaint against Galea indicated his clients included at least three NFL players, none of them named. The Buffalo News first identified Moss, citing unnamed sources.

Moss, who led the team with 70 receptions last year, is recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery and took part in some of this week's OTA work. Shanahan said he hopes Moss can do more next week.

"I just have to go along with all my rehabilitation stuff. Right now I'm just taking things as slow as we can and doing the right thing when it comes to me being back," Moss said.

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