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Shawn Michaels Responds To Ryan Kerrigan's Sack Celebration

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This is pretty awesome for all the Redskins and WWE fans out there.

So you already know that linebacker Ryan Kerrigan had a pretty cool sack celebration going for him last year, which was all started by a conversation with Will Compton.

Compton apparently had been in Kerrigan's ear begging him to do the same pose that wrestler Shawn Michaels used to do in the squared-circle.

13.5 sacks later, many of which were bookmarked by Kerrigan getting low and flexing his guns, it's already become a celebration recognized league-wide and probably worldwide.

Well on Wednesday when Kerrigan was named the No. 78 player on the NFL's annual list of the top-100, NFL Network's Twitter asked fans of the players unveiled during the evening who has the best celebration.

Clearly it's Kerrigan, and after the Redskins' Twitter responded, so too did Michaels himself.

Yet another Redskins-wrestling connection.




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