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So What's A Good Round Of Golf Look Like For Kai Forbath?

The Washington Redskins on Monday, May 11, 2015, hosted their annual golf tournament for suite owners at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va.

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In a way, golf is a lot like kicking for Kai Forbath.

Consistent motion is key.

"I always joke that my excuse for golfing so much is because I can relate it a lot to kicking," Forbath said at Monday's annual Redskins Suite Golf Tournament at Trump National Club in Sterling, Va. "Because it's just kind of the same swing every time just like kicking."

When Forbath isn't working on his craft on the football field, he's probably out on the links somewhere trying to get his score down.

He said he originally got his love for golf from his dad, but swayed away from playing the sport for a few years before returning to it in college.

"Growing up, my dad played a lot," he said. "I went to golf camp as a kid, and I actually didn't like it that much [at first] so I stopped playing. But me and my buddies in college picked it up; we had a bunch of courses we used to play out next to UCLA. Ever since college I've been really into it."

What's a good day of golf for Forbath?

"Any time I'm under 80 is my best rounds," he said before heading out for a round. "I'm consistently in the low to mid-80's right now. But any time I break 80 it's a good day."




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