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Sweet Tooth: Take A Bite Of These Redskins Treats


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It's Friday, so why not tempt you with some gluttonous treats that you will likely partake in anyways this weekend?

We asked fans on Facebook to send in photos of tasty Redskins-themed desserts and we found a nice diversity of logos, themes and colors. Because, apparently, when it comes to dessert, you can never go too far with your creation.

Take the above photo, for instance, given a football field foundation with edible footballs and cupcakes surroudning the cake at midifeld. Then you have baby Carl, whose favorite number must be five (maybe he was born in May?) surrounded again by cupcakes -- and check out the baby bottles on top of some of them.

Looking for something more sophisiticated? The wedding cake, tailored in burgundy and gold flowers is a beautiful creation that makes art out of a Redskins football smashing into its side. Well done.

And then I have to commend the bottom photo, which celebrates Father's Day with a very dad kind of cake, a Redskins cap made of egg and milk and flour and sugar. 

Sorry if you're trying to diet right now. 





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