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Terrance 'Pot Roast' Knighton Is Back On Twitter To 'Interact With The Fans'


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When Terrance Knighton joined a segment of ESPN's "SportsNation" last month, he told Michelle Beadle that deleting his Twitter and Instagram accounts this past winter made him feel "almost like I died."

Upon the advice of his new publicist, and because his "Pot Roast" brand name has exponentially risen since coming to the Redskins, as of Thursday afternoon, Knighton is back on Twitter (@MisterRoast98), though not Instagram, reclaiming some of his digital footprint if only to, by his logic, resuscitate himself.

When asked if he felt alive again, Knighton said, "A little bit."

"I'm doing it interact just to with the fans," he said after team walkthroughs. "A lot of the time it will be just straight football stuff and it won't be anything personal or a few pictures and things like that but I'll interact with some fans. There'll be maybe two days before a game where I'll ask fans questions and things like that."

Part of the reason he eliminated his social presence was to limit his opinions on non-football related news, namely things like domestic violence and the Deflate-gate saga. The other reason, he said, had to do with the media taking his thoughts out of context.

"I just took a break from it just because it can be detrimental to your image, whether you mean it a certain way or you don't," he said. "No matter how you put it someone is going to find a negative way to spin it."

His new account, which as of Thursday night has close to 600 followers, will remain dedicated strictly to the Redskins, and his publicity team promises to stay vigilant on his posts and delete any that might possibly skew sour. Knighton assures things will stay "PG."

"That's an important part of being a pro is how you handle social media nowadays," head coach Jay Gruden said earlier this week. "It's something that has to be addressed and we've had our experts address it and hopefully they understand the importance of it."

So far, with a growing personal fan base, and a nickname he's embraced, Knighton should still have plenty of options to have some virtual fun, whether it's starting emoji battles with buddy Chris Baker – "I might. I try to keep it simple with my emojis," he said -- or engaging with the larger Redskins social sphere.

After all, Knighton remains hip to the latest Twitter escalations and pop culture rabbit hole chains – he's "Team Meek Mill," by the way, and thinks his defensive coordinator, Joe Barry, resembles Meek more than Drake, a characterization DeAngelo Hall made to reporters before him.

And if you're waiting for a more unbridled side of Knighton, hoping to find his unobscured thoughts on the world, well, you'll just have to wait a bit longer.

"Oh when I'm done with football then you want to follow me," he said. "I will have a lot to say then…but when I'm done you'll know the real me.




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