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This Day In History: Canton Recognized By The NFL

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Since the Pro Football Hall of Fame opened its doors in Canton, Ohio on Sept. 7, 1963, the Redskins have had 26 former players, coaches and administrators inducted for enshrinement.

The NFL officially gave Canton its legendary status, however, on this day 54 years ago.

The reasons Canton was selected?

First, the NFL was actually founded in Canton in 1920, back when it was called the American Professional Football Association. Second, the former team there, the Canton Bulldogs, was very prominent in the first years of the league. And third, the Canton community lobbied successfully to have the Hall of Fame built in their city.

Nice combination.

The groundbreaking for the building was held in 1962, and in 1970, more rooms and exhibits were installed. To this day it continues to grow. As of 2014, the Hall contains a total of 287 members.

Have you made the trip to Canton yet?




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