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This Day In History: Redskins Draft Darrell Green

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Thirty-two years ago today, with the very last pick in the first-round of 1983 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins selected a small yet speedy cornerback out of Texas A&I University by the name of Darrell Green.

Yeah, the same Darrell Green who would go on to play 20 seasons with the Redskins, recording a franchise-high 54 interceptions along with six return touchdowns.

His production didn't just stop there, of course, as he also record a 61-yard punt return for touchdown on his first-career touch and may be best remember for his touchdown return against the Chicago Bears in 1988.

Oh, and remember when Tony Dorsett thought nobody could stop him but Green did?

Maybe that is actually his best moment.  

We could go on and on and on about Green's career with the Redskins, but regardless, it's easy to say the Redskins made one of their best decisions ever by selecting him right after the Miami Dolphins picked Dan Marino.

He helped the burgundy and gold add to their Lombardi Trophy collection and was eventually elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame alongside Art Monk.

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