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This Redskins Back Tattoo Is The Only Back Tattoo You Need To See

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I'm not a back tattoo guy. Never have been, never will be.

I guess I just don't get the point, especially if you live in a colder climate city. But this guy's back is something to behold, if just for a brief moment.

Apparently in the tattoo world, if you get one, you're likely to want another. This guy wanted many, which is fine, mostly because he is a Redskins fan, and when you combine that fandom with a penchant for tattoos, you get a back like this.

Let's analyze.

Up top, by the neck and shoulder area, the Redskins helmet and old school logo lie in between what appear to be rays of sunshine above Sean Taylor. Fitting tribute, though a bit bizarre he's running on top of a cobra head.

Alright, let's just address it. The triumvirate of animals – the cobra, the lion, the eagle – don't necessarily help the sanctity of having an official Redskins-themed back. Maybe these tats went on first, before he realized he should have made everything about the Redskins. They don't look like mistakes, but they do clutter an otherwise burgundy and gold canvas.

They are fierce, though, so three points.

Anyways, Joe Theismann, John Riggins and Robert Griffin III help outline the rest of the collage in some signature poses. And, yes, I believe that's Chris Cooley in the corner, tip-toeing the sideline, or in this case, the hip bone.

I have respect for this guy but not enough to emulate his decision.

And yes, "Men Of Honer" is spelled wrong. That's more an implication of the tattoo artist than this guy (I mean, he couldn't see it being written lying on his belly, so don't blame him).

He seems to be out of room now, but who's to say he can't extend his fandom to his extremities?




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