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Today's Kids Will Never Know How Real Sean Taylor Was

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Sometimes Twitter throws out a hashtag and sees what happens.

Yesterday, #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow became a worldwide trending topic, which gave people an excuse to get nostalgic about the past and cynical about the future.

There was also some sad remembrance, like when this was tweeted out, to memorialize Sean Taylor and demonstrate a player nobody will ever be able to witness first hand again.

"I want the people of D.C. to know that he was really a good kid, a hard worker and he never shied away from performing at his best," Taylor's father Pedro said at this year's Redskins Draft Day Party. "We always talk about treating people right and doing what's right and this is the honor to show that he was truly treating people right."

On the football field, Taylor treated players to his physical, hard-hitting tackles. It's what made him such a special, highlight-reel performer.

It's why you can just get lost in this six second loop from the 2007 Pro Bowl, watching him pound punter Brian Moorman to the ground over and over and over...and over.

Moorman, who was apparently OK after this hit, jogged over to shake Taylor's hand. Even he had to respect landing on his back.

Today's kids will only have this – and his many other grainy videotapes -- to really know. 




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