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Trey Wolfe's Incredible Journey To The NFL


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There are circuitous paths to the NFL, and then there is Trey Wolfe's path.

The cornerback, who recently signed with the Redskins, has exemplified the rollercoaster ride of aspiring to play football at the highest level, consistently losing and regaining his faith in himself and his future.

Growing up in Marietta, Ga., Wolfe was a three-sport standout in high school – football, basketball and baseball – and took an offer to play at Reedley College, a Junior college in California.

Thus began a difficult journey. Wolfe, not a very strict academic, had dropped out of high school to get his GED early but found it difficult to convince schools of eligibility. At Reedley, after rededicating himself to school, Wolfe began getting real offers from Arkansas, Michigan State and East Carolina.

Wolfe, after a visit to Fayetteville, Ark., believed he would finally get the primetime platform with the Razorbacks to prove his talent.

But Reedley made a mistake.

According to a detailed SB Nation article last year, "Wolfe was told he needed just one English credit to be eligible for Division I football. The summer semester was halfway through when Wolfe found out he actually needed two. It was too late to change course.

"That was probably one of the times I cried the hardest, uncontrollably," Wolfe said. "I just couldn't stop crying because I was all set to go. I didn't cope with it very well."

After returning home, Wolfe then found a spot on Midwestern State, a Division II school that gave him another chance to prove himself on the field and in the classroom. He recorded interceptions in his first two games and returned a punt 65 yards in the third game. The next week he tore his Achilles tendon.

"That solidified all the anger, and every last down feeling I could have all hit me at once," he said.

Wolfe went into a depression and became isolated from the team until his teammates and coaches began to coax him out of his frustration. Eventually, he hit the sidelines, mentoring other corners on crutches.

Wolfe was shortly contacted by the defensive coordinator for Fort Valley State, Durwood Roquemore, who believed Wolfe still had incredible NFL talent. As a player, Roquemore happened to play cornerback alongside Darrell Green at Texas A&M.

"I told him, 'I can help you get to the next level, but you have to follow me and do what I need you to do. I've been there before, I know what it takes to get there,'" Roquemore said.

That convinced Wolfe to transfer one more time, to Fort Valley State. It was a wise choice. He was named a second-team Division II All-American in 2013 after recording eight interceptions and played consecutive seasons for the first time since high school.

He went undrafted in 2014 and was cut by the Seahawks in Training camp, ultimately making his way to the Redskins practice squad late in the season.

Now, he'll have another opportunity at Redskins Park and another stop he hopes will last a bit longer than his previous ones.



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