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VIDEO: Jason Hatcher Says Scherff Has Already 'Gained My Respect'

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Wondering what Redskins defensive end Jason Hatcher thought of first-round pick Brandon Scherff? Wonder no more.

"I think that was a hell of a pick. Hell of a pick. He's going to help us out a lot," Hatcher told Larry Michael, Voice of the Redskins on "Redskins Nation" Tuesday.

Hatcher, coming off his first year with the Redskins, has settled into living in Loudoun County, Va., and he's also become more familiar with the Redskins history and identity. Scherff, he believes, will fit right in.

"I watched him on film, he's a very aggressive and violent person," Hatcher said. "If he gets you in a vulnerable situation, he's going to finish you. He's nasty, and that's what you expect out of your right tackle. And I think we're slowly but surely getting back to the old Hog Redskin days. Our offensive line is really getting bigger and bigger every year, so we've got a lot of guys coming in. Coach Callahan, you know, he's one of the best offensive line coaches in the league. He works their butt off, I watch him every day. He'll get the best out of them, so I'm looking forward to just standing behind the offense and looking at them open up some huge holes this year."

Scherff has already expressed his excitement to work with Callahan at the Draft Day press conference. Meanwhile Hatcher, who is looking forward to the bolstered defensive front, seems just as excited about the offensive line.

"He's nasty. I like him," Hatcher said. "He's just a rookie, but just watching him, [he] really gained my respect. He loves to play the game of football and I'm excited to see what he's going to do this year." 




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