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VIDEO: Morgan Moses Squats 580 Pounds With Ease

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This honestly makes the legs hurt just watching it, but then again, few men in the world can make squatting 580 pounds look so stinkin' easy.

There's never been a question about Morgan Moses' strength, as the Virginia product was one of the biggest guys on the team last year as a rookie.

But even with that known, it's still crazy to see him move around such heavy weight with ease.

After suffering a season-ending injury last year, Redskins head coach Jay Gruden noticed during the offseason that Moses took the time while away to ensure that his body would not only stay healthy, but get stronger in the process as well.

"You can see his body changing a little bit," Gruden said. "So he's got the strength … and he's going to continue to get stronger. … We've got to make sure we continue to check his foot quickness out and challenge him in that regard and see how he handles this system in Year 2."




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