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VIDEO: Watch Darrel Young Whip, Now Watch Him Nae Nae

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Possibly aware that running back Alfred Morris had been showcasing his "Wobble" recently, and being somebody who never backs down from a challenge, fullback Darrel Young provided another glimpse into his dance move repertoire Sunday afternoon.

Captaining the burgundy team for the First Ladies of Football's second annual Burgundy and Gold Football, Young decided to bust some moves with a few cheerleaders in between the festivities.

"Watch him whip, watch him Nae Nae," as Silento sings, and you'll find it's hard not to.

As though the cheerleaders were producing their own music video (featuring Darrel Young, of course), the fullback immersed himself into the vortex of sidestepping, whipping, and nae-nae-ing without a hitch or hesitation.

If only he had some hair to really whip back and forth.

There's even a little Michael Jordan tongue-out confidence near the end. 

For any Redskins players who know how to break out some moves, consider the gauntlet thrown. 




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