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WRC Hopeful Anney Tells Her "With Grace And Grit" Story


This week, Jordan W. had the pleasure of interviewing Anney, a rookie hopeful and current Washington Redskins Ambassador. Anney is originally from Hershey, Pennsylvania and has danced growing up, always having 'the case of the wiggles." Originally coming from a studio background that was flashy and competitive, it was an adjustment for her when she attended West Virginia University where Anney continued to dance but had a totally different experience -- things were more relaxed and the environment was laid-back.

Two years ago, Anney decided to make the move to the District and was working in property management. She had been dabbling into local studios in the area -- there are luckily plenty of options for avid dancers! -- and voiced to her coworkers that she was interested in becoming a part of a professional team. They eagerly supported and encouraged her to do it, which led Anney to finding the Washington Redskins Cheer Team.

After her first year trying out, Anney became a Washington Redskins Ambassador where she learned that there was a huge time commitment involved. In order to be successful in both her day job and WRCA, she learned to prioritize her schedule to make her commitment with the Redskins a priority. This allowed her to have a memorable and fun year.

Since this is Anney's second time trying out to be a First Lady, she has some advice for women going into audition week. First, it is important to have FUN. Yes, it is an intimidating process, but if you remember that you are doing your favorite thing -- dance -- with awesome people, this will make the process more enjoyable. Also, it is a friendly environment where women support one another despite the competitive environment -- at the end of the day, you are joining a sisterhood. Last, it is important to do your research, look your best, and be the most prepared!

Anney is an example of #GraceandGrit because she has adapted her life gracefully to be a part of the Redskins organization as an Ambassador and is going through the grit of auditioning for a second time to be a First Lady of Football. She had set a goal and is still in pursuit of it. Good luck to our rookie hopeful, Anney!

-- Seanne

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