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Tanya Snyder

Co-Owner and Co-CEO


Tanya Snyder is a co-owner and co-CEO of the Washington Football Team. She is well-known for her commitment to ensuring the team is a "Champion in the Community" and has recently taken an expanded role in decision-making across the organization. She has become a catalyst for the evolution of the Washington Football Team into a franchise of the future, particularly in the total reinvention of the fan experience.

Early in the Snyders' ownership of the team, Tanya spearheaded the creation of the Washington Football Charitable Foundation, which formally launched in 2000 and has grown to provide direct, positive impact to more than 178,000 area children each year. As the leader of the "team behind the team," she has guided the social and community efforts together with the spouses of Washington players and coaches. Tanya doesn't just talk about the importance of the Washington Football Team contributing to the community, she "walks the walk." Under her stewardship, the Charitable Foundation held more than 130 events for children in the community annually in recent years.