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Nine Things You Should Know About Brandon Scherff's Hunting And Fishing



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The Redskins' first round draft pick Brandon Scherff is a very simple man. When he's not playing football he's either fishing or hunting. He's been doing it for a long time. The tranquility he finds through it has come to define him, the alter-ego to his nasty, physical play on the line.

As he makes his way to Loudoun County, Va., an area where he should find plenty of hunting and fishing opportunities, here's a list of things to know about Scherff's outdoor life. 

1. Scherff's dream hunting trip involves a helicopter: "Scherff hunts for a variety of wild game near his hometown of Denison, Iowa, including coyotes, pheasants, turkey and deer. His dream hunting trip is to go to Texas and shoot wild boars from a helicopter with an automatic rifle. 'It'd be fun. I want to experience that at least once,' he told the Quad City Times last August."

2. Shooting boars like that is a practical matter: "They've got a wild hog problem there," Scherff told Athlon Sports. "I've seen it on TV, and I've always wanted to do it."

3. He can deal with the cold and fishy smell: "He and a buddy drove a truck onto a frozen pond just outside Iowa City. They set up a portable ice shanty, drilled through 13 inches of ice and went fishing for bluegill and bass and crappie. If the fish are big enough, he'll clean them and eat them for dinner."

4. Scherff usually fishes with Iowa teammate Austin Blythe: "Scherff prefers an Iowa County farm pond near where starting center Austin Blythe grew up in Williamsburg about 25 miles west of Iowa City. Frequently accompanied by Blythe and starting right tackle Andrew Donnal, Scherff said it provides a perfect getaway."

'There can be a lot of stress in the game and with classes, so it's good to get away and clear the mind a bit,' Scherff said. 'I look forward to it every chance I get. There's something about getting outdoors that has always been special to me. It's a great feeling.''"

5. He's done this his whole life:"It's something I've always done, growing up. It's been a part of me since I was a little kid,'' Scherff said. "It's something I'll do all my life, something I enjoy. It's a way to spend time with friends and there is a challenge to it, too. I like that aspect, as well.''

6. He would give a bear his best move: "Scherff recently did a Q&A with fans via Twitter, during which he was asked such questions as: 'Could you beat a bear in a wrestling match?'' Answer: 'I've never tried, but I would give it my best shot.''"

7. He can really wrangle: "Brandon Scherff netted a 40-pound catfish this summer down in Monetzuma, Iowa."

8. Scherff is dedicated:Scherff graduated in December with a degree in Leisure Studies."The Hawkeye senior recently skipped out on graduation to go deer hunting."

9. He has a very simple life routine:"We have workouts this afternoon, so we'll go fishing today, workout, then go back fishing," he said in a video interview with the Des Moines Register. "Wake up tomorrow morning, then workout and then fish again I guess."




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