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Preston Smith Signs His Redskins Contract


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Former Mississippi State linebacker Preston Smith solidified what had given him joy all last week: he signed his contract with the Redskins.

The second-round pick recently graduated and flew in to the D.C. metro area Sunday night.

After applying his signature, he was on the field Monday participating in drills and meeting his new teammates.

Starting Friday, Smith, along with all other signed rookies, will begin rookie mini-camps that last the entire weekend.

Smith will shift from defensive end, which he mainly played in college, to linebacker with the Redskins, but he's confident the transition will be smooth.

"I feel like it will go well because we had a lot of different looks for our defense in my college playing stand-up outside to doing a lot of drops and doing a lot of different defensive looks," Smith said after being drafted. "I feel like it will be a great transition because it's something I'm used to, something I'm familiar with, and it would be nothing new to me. It won't be hard for me to adjust."




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