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Redskins Fan Creates Incredible Burgundy And Gold Fighter Pilot Helmet


The Washington Redskins helmet is a perfect mix of burgundy and gold. The mix of colors, however, isn't just limited to football helmets as one Redskins fan has proven.

Tyler Dean, a firefighter for Albemarle County (Va.) Fire Rescue, had already fashioned an impressive Redskins-themed firefighter's helmet when his grandfather, Wayne Dean, passed down a fighter pilot helmet from his service in the Vietnam War. Tyler explained that he, "stripped (the helmet) down to the bare shell and replaced almost everything." As you can see in the picture above, it turned out pretty well.

Tyler plans on attending the Redskins' Week 10 matchup with the Minnesota Vikings on Nov. 13, but which one will he wear?

"I will have a hard decision to make when trying to choose between representing my profession – firefighter – or representing the veterans and my grandfather," he said. "Either way both will be at the game on the 13th!"

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