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Redskins Fanbulance Listed On Craigslist Looks Like A Tailgater's Dream


There's tailgating, and then there's showing up to a Redskins game in the Redskins Fanbulance. For just $8,500 you can do just that, thanks to Zach Crowe, who is selling his Fanbulance on Craigslist.

Credit goes to the Washington Post's Scott Allen for the find, as Crowe posted the remodeled 1990 Ford E350 yesterday and told Allen that his wife wants it out of the driveway.

"That's the main reason I'm selling it for sure," Crowe told the Post. "I've mentioned that if I sell it, it could be a bad-luck charm like the Cubs and their goat story, and we'll lose Trent Williams and all of a sudden go back to a losing franchise again, but hopefully that doesn't happen. It breaks my heart to sell in the middle of a potential Super Bowl run here."

The Craigslist description includes that the Fanbulance is "great for tailgating and birthday parties." It's "in great condition" and has 43,000 miles on it. The Fanbulance seats "6 to 8 comfortably" and even has "satellite dish for TV viewing included."

The Fanbulance is about as good as it gets from what we can see. For $8,500 it looks to be in good shape and has some serious amenities. It certainly rivals some of the other creative Redskins rides that we've seen before, like a car and a motorcycle or the Redskins van that owner Dan Snyder bought and gave to a fan.

If you want to be the envy of everyone in the lots of FedExField, the Fanbulance might just be right for you.


(photos via Craigslist) 

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