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Ryan Kerrigan Meets Fan Wearing His Jersey At Old College House

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This is pretty cool.

So Washington Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan was at his old stomping ground of Purdue this weekend for his golf tournament.

After the conclusion of the tournament, the Boilermaker decided to take a drive around campus and even stopped at his old house.

As he drove up to his old place of residence, Kerrigan spotted something very familiar – a No. 91 Redskins jersey.

"Had a great time at my golf outing today at Purdue! As I was leaving the outing, I decided to take a little ride through campus to check things out.. drove by my old college house and what do I see in the front yard? Someone wearing my Redskins jersey! What are the odds?? So I stopped, introduced myself and told him I used to live here during my last two years of college.. Great to see the old stomping grounds!" Kerrigan captioned the photo.

While he may be in Washington now, his legacy continues to live on at Purdue.




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