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Snoop Dogg Wishes 30-Year Old DeSean Jackson Happy Birthday

Redskins wide receiver Jamison Crowder turned 30 today.

Snoop Dogg, his "uncle," left him an Instagram video with congratulations.

"We call him Uncle Snoop. I mean, everybody calls him Uncle Snoop," Jackson told me in a Q&A from October.

Snoop and Jackson both went to Long Beach Poly High School in California, part of where their relationship began. Jackson said he talks with him on a daily basis and even collaborated on a song with him several years ago.

"Hanging out with him in the offseason, he loves the kids," Jackson said. "He's got an organization where he has a youth football team. Whenever we're together we always have a good time."

When cornerback Josh Norman found out that the wide receiver, still running him all over the field at practice Thursday, had turned 30, he seemed a bit surprised.

"Does he look like [a 30-year old]?" cornerback Josh Norman asked the media in front of his locker. "DeSean's a fun guy, he's fun to be around. Fun to play with. Shoot, man. You saw in the game last week we played, he hasn't lost a step looks like. As long as he can keep that going, keep it up, I don't see why he stops or slowing down. I don't see it. He's been a speed guy since he's been in the league and obviously that showed last week and it ain't changing.

"He's quick and shifty, you've got to get your hands on Desean, If you don't you're going to have a long day. He's one of those types of guys," Norman added.

Maybe quarterback Trent Williams will gift him with another long touchdown pass this Sunday against the Cardinals to celebrate.

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