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Trey Williams Brings Versatile Play To Running Back Position


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While Trey Williams, the elusive running back from Texas A&M, didn't hear his name called last week during the NFL Draft, he can be confident, signing a contract with the Redskins a week later, that his style of play will complement offensive line coach Bill Callahan's strategy.

"I think across the league, when you talk about the power running game, the zone game fits in that realm," Callahan told Larry Michael, Voice of the Redskins, about his run-blocking scheme in February.

As it stands, Williams has a clear understanding of the power-zone blocking scheme.

"I came out of an offense that ran that style. It's not new to me at all. If I see a hole, I am going to hit it as fast as I can. There's no fear in me hitting a hole." Williams told the Baltimore Times. "When I hit a hole, I am not looking at the first person. I trust the line to do their job. I am already looking ahead at the linebacker and the free safety. I am able to pay attention to both of them at the same time. I make my moves off of that."

And Williams can certainly make moves. The shifty running back had an impressive 6.9 yards-per-carry average in 2014, totaling 560 yards in total with seven touchdowns. He also caught 16 passes for 105 yards and a touchdown.

Williams is confident that he can even play in the slot as a receiver, trusting his hands based on some previous experience he had.

"When I catch the ball and I am in the secondary, I am at the third level of the defense right away. I like that! A lot of people underestimate my catching ability. I was a wide receiver my freshman year in high school. It's an extra asset that I bring to the table."

And, just to show off more of his versatility, Williams, as you can see in his highlight video, has some solid experience returning kicks on special teams. 




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